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Captain’s log: #ocTEL day two.


I forgot to display my first badge yesterday:


I received this for just being there. Awesome!

Reflection on 0.1 Big and Little Questions Forum

I made a post about how we make things big problems when they needn’t be. I commented on a previous post asking about terminology and what the difference is. I was hoping that my post would stop needless categorisation and trying to define and solve the big problem. It didn’t achieve that at all and it feels like the post was ignored. The forum has now burst out into a number of different directions. My problem no0w is having made the effort to try and stop problem, problem, problem think I have trouble rejoining the conversation that has effectively dismissed that comment.

So hello my friend blog 🙂

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ocTEL day one reflection

ALT’s open course for Technology Enhanced Learning (#ocTEL) started yesterday 28 April 2014.

In the office three of us have signed up for the course. The thinking behind this is a) we might stick at it better together and b) we might address something of use to us.

We started with confusion. What time does this start? What are we supposed to do? Has anyone got a message yet? Then finally at 11:43 the message came through: Dear Patrick – a warm welcome from everyone at ocTEL! I am still uncertain about the green headings in the email, but it made a change!

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